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Hello All!

Welcome to the Annie Russell Theatre Virtual Callboard site!  Please take the time to look around and discover what all the site offers you.  You will find production calendars for each of the productions you are involved in.  These calendars all display as one and you can control what content you see.  You can see only calls for a specific production, for all productions, only your specific calls or all calls.  Radio buttons at the top of the calendar view switch you between these views.

File Sharing is another major aspect of VCB.  Each production has its own unique file sharing area.  there you will find files of designer images and info for costumes, scenic, lighting, sound and projections, an electronic copy of the script, we can even create specific file folders for cast and crew info.  Basically any info you need can be kept on VCB and accessed from any computer, smart phone or tablet with internet access!

Contact info for each member of the company is also stored on VCB.  You can print contact info or look up info for individual company members.

You can send email and notes, even hold entire virtual conversations via VCB. All the info pertaining to the production is then saved as part of the production archives and can be easily recalled and distributed.

The more you use VCB the more you will get out of it!  IF you need a new group created, need help creating a file folder in the file sharing area or any other help, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you!

Welcome to the Production Team!

Kevin Griffin

Asst. Prof. Dept. of Theatre & Dance

Resident LD/PM

Annie Russell Theatre